Craftsmen from Ethnographic Open- Air Museums are granted government support

Employees from the four ethnographic open- air museums in the country are to be supported with 305000 BGN as were Prime Minister’s Boyko Borisov instructions to the Minister of Labour & Social Policy Denitsa Satcheva and to the Financial Minister Kiril Ananiev during a working meeting in the Cabinet, government press release stated.

“Social benefits should reach these people as well – they are valuable for tourism. Being now in the crisis and there are no school groups, students or foreign visitors, it is necessary to preserve the ethnographic centers in the country”, highlighted the PM Borisov.

There are more than 60 employed craftsmen in the four ethnographic museums – Copperware · Pottery · Wood-carving · Folk musical instruments · Icon-painting · Furriery · Cart-and-ironware · Jewelry · Goat’s hair processing · Saddle-making · Tannery · Weaving · Bakery · Cow-bell making · Sharlan-making · Confectionery, etc. The financial support will help preserve the spirit and culture of Bulgaria in the pandemic conditions.

Four such museums exist in Bulgaria: Regional Ethnographic Open-Air Museum “ETAR” in Gabrovo; architectural-ethnographic complex ‘Samovodska Charshia” in Veliko Tarnovo; architectural-ethnographic museum ‘Old Dobritch” in Dobritch and ethnographic areal complex in Zlatograd.